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Self Teaching Swim Course

  • Lectures:  11
  • Video:  1 hour
  • Skill level:  Beginner
  • Instructor:  Brian Quinn
  • Last updated:  4/2018

You will learn how to rid yourself of water anxiety and self teach yourself to swim watching this free video course from Udemy.



  • Desire to Learn to Swim
  • Ideally have access to a pool, spa, or big bath tub. Helpful tools: goggles, kick board, and fins



You will learn how to gain control over anxiety in the water and learn to swim.  This course is perfect for students with swimming fear as well beginner and intermediate skill levels.  If you can swim some you will learn the secrets to swimming with more  power and less energy.  If you are a beginner you will have all the tool necessary for learn to swim on your own or in addition to working with a good swimming instructor.

This course is great for students that can safely stand in shallow water and would like to learn how to swim.  You will overcome the roadblocks to learning to swim and learn the secrets to learning to swim.

Learning to swim will open up a new world of fun and fitness you have imagined.  You can teach yourself to swim and we want to help.  1/4 of the US population of Adults can’t swim.  

Are you ready to begin your swimming journey?

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