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Real Estate Fix & Flip Masterclass

  • Lectures:  54
  • Video:  5.5 hours
  • Skill level:  All Levels
  • Instructor:  Wayne Fox
  • Last updated:  10/2018

Watch this free Udemy video course and Learn how to avoid the common mistakes, & Win BIG at Real Estate Development



  • Everything you need is provided.
  • An ability to take action.


Whether you’re a novice, or you’ve got previous experience at fix & flip Real Estate development projects, this course takes you through every stage of the process.

We learn about:

  • How to find the most viable (& profitable) project
  • How to attract the perfect buyer, & sell them exactly what they want
  • Identifying the type of areas to avoid, at any location in the world (without ever travelling there)
  • Options to develop the perfect property, that only the professionals use
  • How to get your project plans approved quickly
  • 10 things to look out for, in your chosen area – (that add value whilst you sleep)
  • How to calculate the Yield on a Real Estate deal
  • 11 strategies to finding more deals, that the professionals use
  • How to create & manage a constant flow of potential deals
  • Building a DREAM TEAM of experts, to help you do more deals & make more money
  • What permissions & licences you’ll need before starting your project
  • Which features add the most value, and which features to avoid
  • The three options to completing the project, & the pro’s and con’s to each
  • Finding & working with contractors
  • How to specify and buy materials for the project
  • How to develop a project budget, to avoid spending too much money
  • Which Project management tools to use, and which to avoid
  • Project sequencing for both renovation & new construction projects
  • Preparing a resource schedule for the project
  • Learning about Critical paths in a project, & how to avoid serious over-runs
  • Preparing a cash flow forecast for the project, to avoid running out of money
  • Understanding the various options to financing a project
  • The main construction methods used across the globe
  • The legal obligations & responsibilities when developing Real Estate
  • What types of insurance you’ll need for your project
  • How to comply with your Health, Safety, Environmental, Waste & Welfare responsibilities, to avoid legal action
  • We’ll look at some example projects
  • How to track progress on a project, & what to measure
  • What are the biggest cause of delays & hidden costs, and how to avoid them
  • The options to exiting the project
  • When is the best time of year to sell Real Estate
  • How to Market your property, & what you’ll need to do, to get the best results and sell quickly
  • 10 strategies to sell your project, that only the professionals know about.
  • How to attract investment from other investors for your project
  • How to measure returns on your project, & what to measure
  • Creating a plan to achieve anything you want, using Real Estate as the vehicle to get it
  • The Number 1 rule to being successful at Flipping Real Estate
  • How to Manage your Project
  • Produce GANTT charts like the professionals

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