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YouTube SEO Marketing: Grow Your Channel in 2018

  • Lectures:  49
  • Video:  3 hours
  • Skill level:  All Levels
  • Instructor:  Kurt Anderson
  • Last updated:  2/2018

Watch this free Udemy video course and Learn the fundamentals on how YouTube SEO works and how you can grow a channel without a pre-existing audience.



  • Students will need access to a computer to sign up for an account and manage their YouTube account.



Understand the conquer the YouTube algorithm in 2018!

If you are looking to build a channel without a preexisting audience, you’ve come to the right place! Perfect for beginner YouTubers and people who don’t know too much about SEO. This course takes you from beginner to advanced in just a few hours. 

Learn to gain an audience doing what you love. 

  • Jump right in to learning new ideas and techniques right off the bat
  • Rethink the way you look at YouTube, and how it wants you to create content.
  • Learn tips for making content that people will want to engage in
  • Have access to notes on the entire course, for quick refreshing on the content! 

Enroll now, you’ll learn: 

  • Niche building
  • Types of content on YouTube
  • How to make your channel stand out
  • Creating a channel style
  • Opening an account on YouTube
  • The YouTube dashboard
  • Creating growth and uniqueness
  • How the “masters” on YouTube do it

Why enroll in this course – and not another YouTube course?

I have been a member of YouTube since it’s inception way back; watched it grow, and have constantly analyzed it’s algorithm and how it works. I know the inner workings of YouTube and have used it to create a strong channel without a pre-existing audience. I am also a trained video editor, and will give you some tips to create great content that is inline with YouTube’s algorithm. All of this was created and designed in 2018, so the techniques still work. 

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