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GMAT® Algebra – The Comprehensive Course |Learn from scratch

  • Lectures:  54
  • Video:  15 hours
  • Skill level:  All Levels
  • Instructor:  Immersive Learning Group
  • Last updated:  2/2018

Watch this free Udemy video course and Master every GMAT Algebra question-type. Understand intuitively. Get extensive guided practice with original questions.



  • Almost nothing. We are going to start learning algebra from scratch. If you were awake during your Middle-School math class, that should suffice.



Generally, around 25% of GMAT quantitative questions are classified as “Algebra questions”. However, the number of questions on the GMAT that require the use of Algebra are much higher. And therefore it becomes absolutely essential that you master the art of manipulating Algebraic expressions.

This course is designed by a team of passionate GMAT instructors and is aimed at teaching almost every concept that you need to know in order to master GMAT Algebra. The entire course is neatly divided into various sections:

✔ Preliminaries

✔ Linear Equations

✔ Quadratic Equations

✔ Graph Theory

✔ Functions

✔ Inequalities

✔ Special Algebraic Questions

✔ Practice Quizes

Solve over 100 original questions(including 45 Data Sufficiency questions) with guided tutorials

Sections have all the ingredients of a thorough training module:

☑ Content that delves deep into the conceptual part of GMAT Algebra

Integrated practice that helps you feel comfortable with GMAT Algebra

☑ A healthy mixture of time-bound practice and no-time-limit quizes

Extensive tutorials at the end of a practice session

The entire course is structured to give you the IMMERSIVE LEARNING experience. The idea is to engross you into the course content till such time you master it.


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