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Facebook Group Domination: Create Profitable Facebook Groups

  • Lectures:  42
  • Video:  3.5 hours
  • Skill level:  All Levels
  • Instructor:  Business Hero
  • Last updated:  11/2017

#1 Facebook Groups Masterclass: The complete course for everyone who wants to succeed at monetizing Facebook groups watching this free video course from Udemy.



  • You should have computer with good internet access
  • Need an existing Facebook account or should be willing to create a Facebook account
  • You should have an open mind for new concepts


Do you want to make money off Facebook groups and want to scale them quickly? Then this course is for you!  In this course, I will take you from a completely beginner to an expert in Facebook marketing! 

Here is what you are going to gain from enrolling in this course…

Our Masterclass course starts out by teaching you the basics of how to set up a Facebook group and how to get new members coming in consistently. You will learn how to create engaging content and measure your contents success with an analytics tool called Grytics. We will then cover monetisation of Facebook groups, how to set up advertising contracts for you to be able to sell ad space inside your group and how to use growth hacking tools like sniply to generate leads from your Facebook group. 

At the end of the course, we will also talk about training a community manager who will help you to scale your group and how you can automate your group completely.

What will you be able to do after you finished watching this course? 

  1. Monetize your Facebook groups and generate 5- to 6-figures from them annually
  2. Scale your Facebook pages & groups quickly without spending any money on advertising
  3. Build a community with a lot of engagement to which you can sell products
  4. Master the art of creating & branding products that are of interest for your following 
  5. Sell products via multiple online sales platforms such as Gumroad or DigiStore24
  6. Analyse group posts with the analytics tool Grytics
  7. Train a community manager and automate your Facebook group completely

When you are finished with this course, you will have your own profitable Facebook group that you can manage from anywhere in the world. 

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