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The Everything Photoshop Masterclass

  • Lectures:  68
  • Video:  11 hours
  • Skill level:  Beginner
  • Instructor:    Gibson Smith
  • Last updated:  8/2018

Watch this free Udemy video course and Master The World’s #1 Photo Editing Program From Beginner to Expert



  • Adobe Photoshop (a 30 day free trial is available through Adobe)
  • An Understanding of Photography Basics


You’ll create 3 high-end projects in this course that will take you from beginner to expert in Photoshop!


The Everything Photoshop Masterclass will teach you to create expert level composites that will solidify you as a professional photographer and artist.

The course is your path to obtaining the photo-compositing skills that you’ve always wanted! Whether for your own projects or to create art as a professional.

This course will take you from opening Photoshop for the very first time, to creating advanced work and having a deep understanding of Photoshop’s tools and features.

The course is set up to quickly take you through, step by step, the process of creating 3 different types of composites. It will equip you with the knowledge to create stunning work that will stand out and brand you as a professional photographer!


Here’s what you get with the course:

You’ll get access to the 10 sections of the course that will teach you the fundamentals of Photoshop compositing from the ground up. The course is supported with over 11 hours of clear content that I walk you through each step of the way.


All at your fingertips instantly.

  • The course starts with you opening up Photoshop for the first time. We’ll walk through the program together to gain a deep understand of each of it’s menus, tools, and features from the ground up. You’ll never feel lost in Photoshop again.
  • Next you’ll learn how to use and manipulate layers, layer masks, and blend modes to compose realistic scenes and images from your own photos. Whatever you can imagine, you can create in Photoshop.
  • Once you have mastered the fundamentals, you’ll learn how to make selections with detail and precision to gain complete control over your work.
  • Then you’ll master the art of manipulating color, lighting, and filters to make your artwork stand out as professional, high-end work.
  • You’ll then tackle fine-tuning techniques like texture overlays to make your photography competitive and distinctly artistic.
  • At this point, you’ll know the tools to create your masterpieces from scratch. The last section will teach you how to apply the skills you’ve learned from the course to make yourself visible as a true artist and professional.
  • Lastly, we’ll discuss specific tools, resources, and best practices you can use to develop your own unique creative style.

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