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Javascript from Basic to Advanced

  • Lectures:  19
  • Video:  6 hours
  • Skill level:  Beginner
  • Instructor:  Sandeep Soni
  • Last updated:  3/2018

Watch this free Udemy video course and Learn Javascript – Every module feature demonstrated with real-time examples



  • No coding experience is necessary to take this course! I take you from beginner to expert!
  • All you need to get started with JavaScript is a computer, a browser and a text editor. We will set these up in the course.
  • A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is a plus, but it’s not a must! The course includes a 5-minutes HTML and CSS crash course.



Javascript is an Interpreted language and it’s executed by the interpreter built in within the web browser on all platforms. It is Object based (doesn’t support inheritance) and is case sensitive language. It is very loosely typed. i.e it doesn’t have any datatypes. It’s a specification by initially Netscape and is acknowledge by ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association). Javascript language together with HTML DOM (Document Object Model) API is used to make the web page dynamic or interactive. Also we can do client side validations of data before the form is submitted to server.

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