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Introduction to Programming for Beginners

  • Lectures:  39
  • Video:  3.5 hours
  • Skill level:  Beginner
  • Instructor:  Bluelime Learning Solutions
  • Last updated:  3/2018

Watch this free Udemy video course and learn Practical Hands-On beginners Programming step by step. 



  • You should be able to use a PC at beginner level
  • You should be comfortable navigating the internet.



Programming can be fun as well as challenging.
This course provides the core knowledge to begin programming in any language.
I will use the JavaScript programming language to explore the core syntax of a programming language,
and show you how to write and execute programs.

I will be using JavaScript , the most popular scripting language in the world to explore the core concepts
of programming . It is responsible for the interactivity like games, online forms or surveys and other activities user’s can engage with on a website. Most dynamic if not all website contains some element of JavaScript.

JavaScript programming language drives millions of interactive web sites, powers fast web servers and can even be used to build desktop and mobile applications

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